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Posted by Mike on May 27, 2006

Starting to feel like I'm on the right side of the parabola this week and want to thank my friends for phone calls, PMs and e-mails of support of late. I so wish I could be far less cryptic with the part of the story that sings with synchronicity, because there's been a pretty amazing side to the recent clusterfuck that I so wish I could go into, because it makes my 23 sightings seem like they came from a random number generator. But I don't think I can type that much. One thing is for sure, heavy anxiety and stress seems to be more rampant than ever, I heard from two good friends who are also taking major knocks on the chin of late. All very Saturnian.

The best part of being human again is being able to concentrate on reading fiction, and I'm head deep in two really great books, David Madsen's Memoirs of a Gnostic Dwarf and Angela Carter's The Infernal Desire Machines of Dr. Hoffmann. The former is a bawdy romp during Medici-ruled Italy during the reign of Pope Leo X, alternatively hysterical and poignant, while the latter is a surreal, prose-intense literary work that is dazzling with imagination. I'm also spending a little time finishing off a Joe Lansdale collection called Electric Gumbo, which happens to include The Drive-In novel, and most of the stories in the High Cotton collection, leaving me with an intro, two essays and two novelettes I hadn't previously read. The essays were fairly interesting, and I'll get to the novelettes as soon as I'm done with the second one. I also started reading the first book in Robertson Davies' Deptford Trilogy, which seems quite amazing so far. Anyway, so much for trying to finish a bunch of books before I started new ones, I think I've about doubled the pile.

Anyway, I'm hoping to get back to Outer Music posting pretty soon, and starting to listen to CDs people have sent me to review or rate, including Stangefish, Eccentric Orbit and (np) the new Underground Railroad. I've also been asked to do liner notes for a certain reissue, so I may not be able to stay away from music writing after all…


2 Responses to “Random musings”

  1. jB said

    Hey Mike, I really enjoyed that Underground Railroad disc, myself. I think I put it at an 11 in Gnosis terms. A really nice job done with those analog (at least convincingly analog-sounding) synths. Had me thinking, at various points, of Yes (Relayer, TFTO-era) and Crucis, mainly. Also maybe some Moving Pictures-era Rush. Would like to hear their first one, but it’s OOP. Might be making an appearance as a download sometime in the future, according to Kurt Rongey.

  2. Mike said

    I liked it too James. although it’s probably not quite the sort of thing I listen to, I was impressed by its sophistication and professionality. I liked the first one as well, although it’s probably a little more accessible.

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