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One of the great conspiracy theories

Posted by Mike on May 19, 2006

I ran across these pages researching on Google. The book (which can be found in the second link) is the most convoluted Illuminati conspiracy I've ever seen. What I found first was the 7th chapter (which strangely enough doesn't seem to be identical to the same chapter found on the second link below), basically how high-level Illuminati adepts use the Cabala for mind control. The result is one of the funniest explanations of the system I've ever seen. Some gems:

  • The four elements are "air, water, wind and earth."
  • "Mt. Qabbalah is a figurative mountain in the Cabala."
  • "The Shekinah rules the Cabalistic Tree of Life. This is not the Shekinah of God Almighty, but from the self-proclaimed "father of light" Lucifer."
  • "The reason all these following items such as Trees of Life and goddesses are placed into slaves is because THESE SLAVES ARE PART OF HIGH LEVEL SATANISM." 

So that's why I'm so tired, I have a night job!


Don't miss your chance to learn about the evils of the Wizard of Oz (apparently short for Osiris) too!



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