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A pertinent article

Posted by Mike on May 1, 2006

For the few friends who are aware of one of my current (ahem, coffee) struggles, this article is about as close as I can get to explaining, without getting personal, the larger picture. Yet again, something uncannily arrives when the need is great.


2 Responses to “A pertinent article”

  1. Mike,

    Interesting link. Didn’t know you were into the mystical stuff. I don’t know much about this particular branch, having left the whole christian thing behind years ago, but I understand that a lot of what I consider to be “my brand” of mysticism was really stolen from the Rosicrucians. So here we are, full circle, back to plagiarism again. Isn’t it funny how these things work?

  2. Mike said

    Hey Fred. I started practicing with the hermetic qabalah about 2-3 years ago, and did a lot of reading and study before starting to do ritual and meditative work. The Rosicrucian current is definitely part of the system’s egregore, but it’s not mystical Christianity per se, but something more syncretic (heh, I can just see progarchive saying they’re going for the syncretic reviews approach ;). Anyway, when I found the system I felt like I had finally arrived and haven’t looked back.

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