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Bookstore Run

Posted by Mike on April 29, 2006

Did the downtown end of the Sacramento bookstore run yesterday, Time Tested, Beers, and The Book Collector, and then swung back to hit the Trent's Bookworm at Madison and Kenneth. I love Sacramento springs, but this year it seems to have gone missing, as it was a surprisingly summerish day. I finished the next story in Silverberg's _Roma Eterna_ sequence, "Waiting for the End," which was very nice and am currently finding it hard to move my eyes from Edward Whittemore's Quin's Shanghai Circus.

  • Liz Williams – Empire of Bones
  • Liz Williams – Banner of Souls
  • Italo Calvino – The Castle of Crossed Destinies
  • Kobo Abe – The Woman in the Dunes
  • Karen Joy Fowler – Black Glass
  • Nalo Hopkinson – Skin Folk
  • Jeff Noon – Vurt
  • Thomas Pynchon – Vineland (first ed hb)
  • Sax Rohmer – The Romance of Sorcery (hb)
  • Edith Wharton – The Age of Innocence
  • Vladimir Nabokov – Lolita (hb)
  • Charles Palliser – Quincunx
  • Vladimir Nabokov – Bend Sinister
  • Vladimir Nabokov – Ada, or Ardor
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez – The General in His Labyrinth
  • Nicholson Baker – The Fermata
  • The Unabridged Mark Twain
  • Jonathan Swift – Gulliver's Travels
  • John Barth – Giles Goat-Boy
  • Jerzy Kosinki – Steps
  • Rabelais – Gargantua and Pantagruel
  • Sarah Zettel – Reclamation
  • Marge Piercy – He, She, & It

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