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Posted by Mike on April 26, 2006

Been adjusting to a lot of changing life patterns lately, particularly at work. It has been almost oppressively busy and I've had to work through clouds of insomnia to get things done, which is a level of effort that isn't fun to hang with. Today was like having a pillow between my brain and the input. What's amazing is that sometimes you end up getting all your work done and I'm glad I did because now I have a 4 day weekend to recuperate fairly guilt free. But, as is always the case, everytime I'm sleepwalking at work, the day ends with a two-hour meeting that's virtually irrelevant to my job. I did manage some rather fine doodles though.

It's partially a stressful time because once again the Sacramento Kings are in the playoffs. Game one I parted company with sometime after the first quarter, but last night's game was like turning everything to eleven. And thanks to Dick Bavetta and co. calling every foul they saw, not to mention the overtime period, this was a game that ended at about 10 PM PST. Pure, intense playoff basketball with a defeat at the end. Maybe the only thing I can say is that I have a lot of respect for the San Antonio Spurs team, the players, the coach – it's a class act organization. No Kobe Bryants to pour salt on the wound.

Then add the television show 24. No matter how implausible it can be, it also delivers suspense at a volcanic level for one hour straight, leaving me wide awake at bedtime. The Shield, before the season ended, did the same thing and even later. It makes me long for the days when I watched little TV, or even the days I was catching up on programming on DVDs. 24 Season 6 on DVD is sounding more and more like a good idea.

I've also managed to break what were getting to be fairly rigid methods of listening to music. I seem to have succeeded in doing this by playing Chicago's At Carnegie Hall for the last week, nearly every evening. It's kind of nice to actually just play what you want to hear instead of a continual appraisal of things I'm becoming less remotely interested in, which is what I'm doing at work. I mentioned to a friend today that I don't think I've listened to anything I actually like at work in about 2 weeks, as I'm basically giving final listens to stuff I'm tossing out the door. I can imagine feeling tremendously grumpy on Outer Music. I have enough mediocre music to fill boxes apparently. But above all, listening to music I like is a good way to ease the sharper edges of a lot of intense, ongoing lifestyle changes.

All I've been able to read outside my esoteric studies of late is Joe R. Lansdale's first two "The Drive-In" books. While they were both pretty fun, neither were up to the best of his short work and I'm starting to detect a storytelling pattern that affects many of his characters, certainly all the majors in these books. Male, female, tough, easygoing, whatever, nearly every Lansdale character is about the wittiest feller, er gal, you've ever heard. But on the other hand, I think I read both in about three evenings, which is always pretty satisfying.


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