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Outer Music Diary update

Posted by Mike on April 12, 2006

I'll be taking an indefinite sabbatical from OM until I get the fever again. I'm dissipating a little energy even wondering when I'm going to find time to post again and I'm not really listening to a lot of music or buying any, all signs of wear, tear and total burn out (I've been in this situation before but perhaps not to this degree). Anyway that may address why it's been so quiet there lately and why it'll probably be quiet for some time yet. Doing OM for fun is great, as a duty it's a drag, so I'm gonna keep that line drawn. And for now see if that passion comes back.


2 Responses to “Outer Music Diary update”

  1. jB said

    I’ve been extremely busy myself, though listening to tons of music — just not the time, or enough of an impulse to write about any of it. OMD certainly has gotten slow in the past week or two. It was good to read your recent posts there, but I get it. Glad that you’ve got a lot going on elsewhere!

  2. Mike said

    Thanks James. I’m probably just a little frustrated I don’t have the inspiration I’d like to have, especially happening soon after we went blog. Just don’t want to force what’s not there.

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