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Posted by Mike on April 6, 2006

Really good day today now that the madness has passed and center is still. And in reward I got more books:

  • Lewis Shiner – Say Goodbye: The Laurie Moss Story
  • Lewis Shiner – Love in Vain (signed #600 of 600)
  • Edward Whittemore – Nile Shadows
  • Joe R. Landsale – The Drive In/The Drive in II Omnibus

Readers of Outer Music might be interested in the Lewis Shiner canon, he's one of the few writers of the fantastic that cover rock music in depth. His World Fantasy Award winning book Glimpses is about a man who is able in some way to go back in time to try to change the lives of famous musicians in order that they record a work that never was. This first happens with Brian Wilson and "Smile," and the climax, what the protagonist tries to do to save a very famous musician's life, has really never left me. So it's nice to get a couple of Shiner's other books, in fact there's a story called "Jeff Beck" in Love in Vain, and Say Goodbye is about a rock star, one that reminds me a little in concept of Harlan Ellison's amazing Spider Kiss.


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