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Payday book haul

Posted by Mike on March 30, 2006

Payday was one day earlier than expected this month, so I hit a few bookstores after ordering the Howe book and, by far the most I've ever spent on one book (or album for that matter), Avram Davidson's long out of print rarity The Adventures of Doctor Eszterhazy. Looking forward to both.

  • Jonathan Carroll – Outside the Dog Museum (1)
  • Bradley Denton – Wrack & Roll
  • Jack Ketchum – Red
  • Edgar Allan Poe – Complete Tales and Poems
  • Gardner Dozois, ed. – The Year's Best Science Fiction Eighteenth Annual Collection (2)
  • Gardner Dozois. ed. – The Year's Best Science Fiction Nineteenth Annual Collection
  • Jack Ketchum – The Lost
  • Liz Williams – Nine Layers of Sky
  • Geoffrey A. Landis – Mars Crossing
  • Joyce Carol Oates – Zombie
  • Avram Davidson – What Strange Stars and Skies
  • Fritz Leiber – A Pale of Air
  • Avram Davidon – Masters of the Maze
  • Fritz Leiber – Ship to the Stars/Kenneth Bulmer – The Million Year Hunt (Ace double)
  • Cordwainer Smith – The Planet Buyer
  • Joe R. Lansdale – A Fine Dark Line (3)
  • Jeffrey Ford – Memoranda
  • Ellen Datlow/Terri Windling ed. – The Year's Best Fantasy  First Annual Collection
  • Lucius Shepard – Viator

The books starting with (1) I found at Crawford's on Freeport in Sacramento. They don't have a great selection at the moment, but the owners are great people and rabid Kings fans, so it's always a good chat. (2) were at Book Chek on Marconi whose new owners are also very friendly. Five of the books in that list are old paperbacks which are a lot of fun to collect. (3) came in the mail. The Lansdale was a bookclub edition, which is part of the danger of using Amazon Marketplace for purchases as it's often not worth the trouble sending a cheap book back while you still feel a little taken.


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