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The novel that writes itself

Posted by Mike on March 28, 2006

I'm about to order one very important book I need for this novel, Ellic Howe's documentary The Magicians of the Golden Dawn. In fact, not only can I not wait because I need more facts, but it's a book that's out of print and growing in cost. It's not hard to find books with the practical knowledge of the order in print, but those that document the history are increasingly rare. The book I'm using for research now, R. A. Gilbert's The Golden Dawn Scrapbook paints a pretty ugly picture, but gives me so much to work with that I've already started the writing. In fact, given all the recent changes, my guess is that I'm going to be scarcer than usual for a while. I'm going to probably have to set aside a day a weekend at least until it gets done. It's not waiting for my plans, the casual idea of writing this over a few years.

One idea I have that I'm not sure is entirely feasible for a number of reasons is to weave the documentary accounts of magic into the narrative so that the only fantastic elements in the book are those statements I can quote. However, I have no idea about the legal ramifications of doing so in terms of publishing, so it's something I'm just keeping in mind. There's just so much to work with in terms of the human drama, especially the idea that the frail elements of human ego can sabotage one's higher efforts and how love complicates this, that it will be interesting to see how influential this resonance is on other elements. In other words this is a broad palette and every new, learned fact uncovers another piece of the puzzle.


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