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Posted by Mike on March 28, 2006

Got in some goodies:

  • Edward Whittemore – Quin's Shanghai Circus (nice first ed hb no less)
  • Datlow/Windling ed. – The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Eighth Annual (pb)
  • Jeffrey Ford – The Fantasy Writer's Assistant and Other Stories (hb)
  • Charles Fort – The Complete Books of Charles Fort (tpb)
  • Joe R. Lansdale – Dead in the West (hb)
  • Joe R. Lansdale – The Bottoms (pb)
  • David Madsen – Memoirs of a Gnostic Dwarf (pb) (this one looks utterly hysterical)
  • Ian McDonald – River of Gods (Pyr hb)
  • James Morrow – The Last Witchfinder (hb)
  • Robert Reed – Sister Alice (pb)
  • Lucius Shepard – Valentine (hb)
  • Lucius Shepard – A Handbook of American Prayer (hb)
  • Jeff VanderMeer – Why Should I Cut Your Throat? (pb)

Also got in a copy of Lovecraft's Legacy, but wasn't told it was going to be a ex-library copy so it may be going back.


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