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Weekend Reading

Posted by Mike on March 20, 2006

The other kind. 🙂 First of all, I should probably mention one from earlier in the week in context here. I finished Lucius Shepard’s second and third published stories. His second is his first for Fantasy & Science Fiction called “Solitario’s Eyes” which could be his first signature story in that it’s his first published story set in Central America and that it’s very close to magical realism. I found it a very strong story, erotic and charged, the idea of meaning charging the mundane (the story is republished in the Tor book Kalimantan). Another in a similar milieu, “Salvador” was also strong, it was his first award winner (Locus) at the time, even if my brain is hiding the details from me at the moment. Now I’m waiting for his first novel “Green Eyes” in the mail.

I finished Murakami’s Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World which was fairly unusual in its sense of detachment to the unfolding events. Like the protagonist, at times I also felt detached and it made it hard to come back to at times, but I enjoyed the reading during the doing of it. I loved the musical references, something that adds a certain amount of color to scenes that could have been flatter. The Dylan soundtrack was particularly effective in setting mood, especially as it was about all the wrapping up I was going to get.

Managed to make headway into a couple story collections, more in Joe Lansdale’s High Cotton and a couple in Kelly Link’s Stranger Things Happen. Extraordinary high quality writing on both parts, so far I like everything I’ve read by Lansdale and while both of the two Link stories I read were great, the first of the two (Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose or something like that) was fairly disturbing in a way where the second (“Water Off a Black Dog’s Back”) was a weird, brilliant look on the whole “Meet the Parents” thing (not to mention something else that might spoil it a bit).


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