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Posted by Mike on March 16, 2006

Read most of and finished the first published Lucius Shepard story, “The Taylorsville Reconstruction,” in Universe 13  last night. While I assume its lack of inclusion in Shepard’s short story collections probably reflects the author’s viewpoint a little, and that it’s a story written before Shepard started developing his own unique style, it’s still a pretty fun story that shows even this early that he had a way with language that is utterly uncanny. Now I’m back to Murakami’s Hard-Boiled Wonder and the End of the World (about 250 pages of 400) which feels a lot like an outside-looking-in science fiction novel.

Other props must go to Tuesday’s episode of the Shield which has raised Season 5 to the top of my TV pantheon as well as the season finale of Battlestar Galactica, which changed the nature of the show drastically.

And of course to the Sacramento Kings who are turning into the team I’ve always hoped for.


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