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Creativity level: high

Posted by Mike on March 12, 2006

It’s sort of hard to explain why exactly, but life has been a series of extremely strange epiphanies and experiences in the last few days. Conversations where receptivity wasn’t expected but instead flourished. It reminds me that sometimes it is just effortless and that the most unlikely things can happen when they’re ready to.

It’s taken me a little while to become consciously aware of it, but it’s the idea that when things kind of flow effortlessly it’s not a bad idea to get some work done. So I got back to focusing on some esoteric work (I manage to keep continuity, but sometimes that’s a moving front and other times a hanging thread) and ended tonight by finishing the outline of what is essentially the first thread in my novel idea. I’m honestly surprised noone’s ever thought of this idea, so I hope I don’t find out it’s not fiction when I start doing research. I don’t think I could even go with it if it didn’t fit in so well with history. It’s that whole story writes itself myth come to life.

An important question reflected the Empress this weekend. Cue Shocking Blue.


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