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the aftershock

Posted by Mike on March 10, 2006

Finally got the last big order of February in the mail, they’re currently stacked in piles around the bedroom. I’m particularly thrilled to finally get a copy of City of Saints and Madmen given its considerable hype, it’s one of about 20 books I have to read next.

  • Algernon Blackwood – The Complete John Silence Stories
  • Mark Z. Danielewski – House of Leaves
  • Andy Duncan – Beluthahatchie & Other Stories
  • Joe R. Lansdale – Bumper Crop
  • A. Merritt – The Moon Pool
  • James Morrow – The Cat’s Pajamas & Other Stories
  • John Morressy – The Kedrigern Chronicles I
  • Robert Silverberg – Roma Eterna
  • Jeff Vandermeer – Cities of Saints and Madmen
  • Colin Wilson – The Mind Parasites
  • Robert Charles Wilson – Spin
  • Zoran Zivkovic – Hidden Camera

and a couple singles…

  • Denis Johnson – Already Dead: A California Gothic
  • Edward Whittemore – Jerusalem Poker

Also managed to finish, even earlier than I had planned, Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door and its accompanying shorts. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to plough through a very compelling if not entirely satisfying read. Will explain more a little later.


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