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Back in commission

Posted by Mike on March 8, 2006

Had some sort of weird flu bug the last few days, fever and exhaustion, I slept or read most of the time which was good because I reduced the to-be-read list by 2 and am feeling halfway human this morning. Anyway, going back to before I came down with this, I ended up grabbing a few books from a friend Saturday night:

  • Michael Moorcock – Elric: Stealer of Souls (The 11th in the White Wolf omnibus series, I’ve been waiting for several years to find an affordable copy of this only to be handed one as a gift. The only problem being 12-15 are just as expensive.)
  • Thomas Monteleone ed. – Borderlands (This is one of a limited edition of 750 copies in a slipcase signed by all the contributors. Got it at about 1/3 less than what it goes for.)
  • Norman Partridge – The Man with Barbed Wire Fists (hb)

A couple used books in the mail: 

  • Richard K. Morgan – Altered Carbon
  • Katherine Dunn – Geek Love

And then a couple pbs from Amazon that had no right being here so fast:

  • Jack Ketchum – The Girl Next Door
  • Douglas Clegg – The Nightmare Chronicles

The friend who brought over the first group also brought over the first ed, slipcased, signed hardback of the Ketchum novel, which is quite a ways out of my price range, but it’s a beautiful book that dwarves the Leisure pb I got (although I guess I get a few extra shorts to make up for it).

More on what I did read a little later…


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