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The next morning…

Posted by Mike on March 2, 2006

I spent at least an hour or two last night madly scribbling down all the ideas for this novel. It’s a very strange experience to have all this occur to you as if you just opened floodgates. The last time I even remotely had an experience like this was when I was writing music for the band Spiritcircle.

The very basic idea I have for the novel is that it’s set in the late 1800s and early 1900s and is a “secret history” of sorts. Two friends I told about it thought the Da Vinci Code immediately, but about all I want from that allusion is Brown’s audience*. The main difference is that it’s probably more Foucault’s Pendulum than Da Vinci Code in that I really want to develop character and stick to the human elements, rather than trying to write something that has some sort of wild religious revelations, some sort of shock and awe bestsller motif. And the idea of the sort of secret history I have probably comes from Tim Powers a la The Stress of Her Regard, not my favorite of his books but the best model for the idea, except that the fictional element that drives the story won’t be fantastic in the supernatural sense, even if the Victorian era was fraught with spiritualism, theosophy etc. Powers pointed the way towards finding gaps in history and extrapolating on how those gaps hide a mystery. I’ve found three “gaps” in the history of the subject I’ll be covering that suggest a narrative of intrigue and romance behind the scenes.

*Ironically enough, when the book came out and I read a review or two, I thought that the Da Vinci Code was just rehashing the old Holy Blood, Holy Grail conspiracy and sure enough a lawsuit has just been introduced in court a few days ago.


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