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The Shield/More Books

Posted by Mike on March 1, 2006

Season 5 of the Shield continues to get better and better and better. I literally woke up at almost 4 AM and as soon as the episode popped into my head I knew I wouldn’t be going back to bed. I probably should not stay up and watch it given its effect on trying to sleep, but it’s one of the most compelling dramas I’ve ever witnessed. It wasn’t just Whitaker last night, Gina Torres (as Whitaker’s (ex) wife) was brilliant, as was Kenneth Johnson, as was the guy who plays Dutch (the scenes between him and Whitaker in particular). I think I’ve probably said three times this season that an episode was the best thing on TV I’ve seen in years, but this one even trumps Battlestar Galactica last week (which I’d probably mention more often if it was on a weekday as it’s one of the three best shows on TV along with Deadwood.)

Anyway, more books in the mail. The wonderful Night Shade book company managed to get me my first books that I ordered in the mail yesterday (with the bigger group hopefully to come today) and the last two I managed to pick up for a penny a piece through Amazon Marketplace.

  • Conrad Williams – London Revenant
  • John Shirley – Really, Really, Really, Really Weird Stories
  • Terry Lamsley – Conference with the Dead
  • Tim Lebbon – As the Sun Goes Down
  • Steve Erickson – Arc D’X
  • Brooks Hansen – The Chess Garden

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