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An epiphany

Posted by Mike on March 1, 2006

Like many who work with the esoteric, I’ve long kept a diary of my experiments and work in the art. I’m not going to quote from it much here, particularly when it comes to procedures and results and such, but I am going to excerpt this for what will become obvious reasons. Call it a daydream in the evening.

3/1 I just had a weird book idea. I was dozing in bed and thinking of the G.’.D.’. and the relativity between self-initiation and the old order. I can’t remember exactly how I got there but somehow I had mentally or imaginatively placed myself on the periphery of an order ritual being performed outside on a sort of terrace thing on a hill. I remember that I had this idea of the Angel HRU (the protector angel of the G.’.D.’.) menacingly guarding the encroachment of the order ritual from what occured to me to be another initiate on the same level, mutually aware. Then it occured to me exactly what idea I wanted to use for my first book.

Anyway, I have actually come up with an idea for a novel (:banana) and although it will cover similar territory, it will not only not have a scene like the above (these things are often far more symbolic, and even mundane than they look with the often tacky outergarments of the western religious traditions used as labels) in fact I’m not sure it will even be fantastic in the literal sense. It was definitely an epiphany, a series of ideas that lead to the next and to the next in a rush so fast it was hard to get it all down. The downside, I now have a LOT of research to do. The upside is the rush of a definite creative epiphany.


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