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Busy, busy, busy

Posted by Mike on February 21, 2006

I’ve almost finished a major domestic project, cleaning out and organizing both of my major closets, the big one under the stairs and the one in the bedroom. The major empetus was trying to figure out what I could either throw away or move on e-bay. I started two weekends ago and am almost finished. Or at least I’m finished enough where I’m not dodging obstacles.

There’s also the hermetic perspective at work here as well, in particular the old and powerful adage, “As above, so below.” In my case the as above part is the ongoing diet/getting in shape plan that I started about 8 months ago, and the so below part is getting rid of what I don’t need anymore in terms of music, books and crap.

All of this was done in between having company stay with me last Wednesday night, a book/thrift store run on Thursday, visiting my old man on Saturday night for one of the best ribeyes I’ve had in aeons (not to mention some rather fine grappa and single-malt as well) and then finally moving all the e-bay goods out the door when my company returned last night. Not great timing for starting Outer Music Diary.

My entire body aches and I could use more shuteye, but now I’ve got a lot more room.


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