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Arthur Edward Waite – The Pictorial Key to the Tarot (was 19 to go)

Posted by Mike on February 18, 2006

I finished Arthur Edward Waite’s The Pictorial Key to the Tarot. The best thing that could be said for it was it’s short. It’s very dated and all throughout you feel this bubbling undercurrent of occult competitiveness as he casts aspersions upon books and lots of unnamed groups. He’d have been really comfortable on the internet I bet. Paul Foster Case’s book on the tarot is far superior. Better deck too. There seems to be a lot of confusion upon Waite’s part in terms of his oaths as well, nowadays writing on the subject is more in depth and less prone to veiling. However in terms of using his deck it’s useful in that he walks you through many of emotional expressions of the figures in the cards, something not totally evident to my eyes in many cases.


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