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23s/Kings vs. Bulls/The Shield

Posted by Mike on February 15, 2006

Kind of a funny one last night during the Comcast Sports Net airing of the Kings/Bulls game. Mike Bibby scores his 20th and 21st point only for Grant Napear to explain “2 more points and he’ll have 23!” Which might make more sense if that was his season or career high or something, but it wasn’t.

Then I went and checked over on my thread at the Asimov’s forum, which also managed to have 23 posts when I looked.

Anyway, the Kings/Bulls game has the look that the team may have turned or may be turning a corner (I won’t count tonight’s game in Memphis, given they will be playing on tired bones). They actually play defense now, some of the sequences during the game were the best I’d seen any Sacramento team play since the team arrived here. They’re also starting to show the marks of a winning team, one where all the luck goes their way. They were only down 3 in the first quarter even after missing all but 2 or 3 shots.

So after getting home from work, immediately watching the game, I did a little cleaning before The Shield came on. It’s a little late in the evening for me, but Season 5 is so amazing, I can’t resist wanting to see it right now. Forrest Whitaker is putting on one of the acting clinics of the decade.


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