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Posted by Mike on February 14, 2006

  • Back of Brian Aldiss’ Starship: “After 23 generations…”
  • Final episode of Season 4 of Curb Your Enthusiasm: 123 steps
  • Amount of money left in my wallet after checking just now: $23.00

and one other I forget. I’m not counting any that I saw in a Robert Anton Wilson book. That would be cheating.

  • There’s a list of Year’s Best Science Fiction volumes I picked up below. The one currently being worked on? Yep, #23.

2 Responses to “23”

  1. Øystein said

    Haha, I’m starting to understand your 23 fascination (even if I’ve made a lot of fun of it 😀 )
    Last weekend I was bored, and learned the first 26 digits of Pi. Since then, I seem to see the digits “314” everywhere. ;_;

    (your post is divided into first one list of 3 items, then one of 1 item, which is a total of 4 items = 314!)

    (really… REALLY sorry)

    (worst ever)

  2. Mike said

    Ha! It may just be as simple as that, noticing something you’ve trained yourself to notice. I’m more interested when the synchronicities get really weird. Was too busy this weekend to remember the 23s, but there were a few. Was apparently too busy to write down the latest book haul as well.

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